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Welcome to my Home Page. Here you will find the various things which interest me enough to put up on the web - links to the various Roleplaying games I play in or DM, some self developed gaming tools, and a few other odds and ends. Feel free to browse. Feedback is welcome.

  1. Role Playing Games:
    1. Tools  

    Wizard's Spellbook Generator (version 2.9)
    Brief Description: I have developed a spreadsheet (Excel) with some macros, that allows you to randomly generate, edit, and then print, Wizard's spell books, based on level. At first, you may say - "So what?!" However, what makes this unusual, is that the spell books, once printed, have the full text of the spells listed on them. Also, the database from which the spells are randomly selected includes all the spells in the Players Handbook, the Tomb of Magic and the Forgotten Realms Adventures, AS WELL AS, all spells from the Great Net Spell Book (admittedly not the latest version). This means that there 2216 spells available from which the spell book can be created. Note that the randomness is influenced on whether the spell is ranked as Common, Rare or Unique. NOTE that if you do not own the PHB, TOM or FRA then to use this tool, you should go into the Data sheet, and remove all lines marked as from those sources.


    "Easy" Character Sheet (version 2.5) (FOR SECOND EDITION!)
    Brief Description: I have also developed this spreadsheet based character sheet. Essentially, what makes it "Easy" is that it has a whole load of the PHB tables incorporated into a separate "Lookup" spreadsheet, and then a load of formula that pull in the correct information based upon what type of character you have generated. It is similar to one of those "Automatic Character Generation" programs, however it leans more towards being a tool for keeping your character sheet up-to-date. It makes character generation quicker, and certainly takes the pain out of going up (or down :-) a level!

    Information that is automatically worked out for you includes:

    All Stats related info
    Non-Proficiencies (including slots left)
    Weapon Statistics (including to hit and damage bonuses & ranges for missiles weapons)

    Experience to next level.
    Armour Class (including Dex bonus - but not yet including armour modifiers)
    Thief Skills (if appropriate)
    Spell capability
    Race and Class benefits/hindrances
    Saving Throws

    "Easy" Character Sheet (version 8) (FOR 3.5 EDITION!)
    Brief Description: This is still very much a WORK IN PROGRESS - but intends to help the character generation process for 3.5 edition... looking better than ever now! Similar to the 2nd edition version, it auto-populates a large number of fields, and helps simplify the process of leveling up.

    2. Games I play in  

    The Shackled City
    This game is run by Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen - who plays a character (Rugadh Faoi) in Steve's WWC Campaign above. It is intended to be a long duration adventure, taking the characters from 1st to 20th level, and is set in the world of Greyhawk. Unlike most other PBeM, this is run on a Forum hosted on Marc's own site. My pages here containg a game history and a few other miscellaneous bits of information relative to Bordrik. Currently Bordrick has only reached 4th level in this game - it may well take a fair while longer before he becomes the whirling dwarven dervish that I'm hoping he will be...

    Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
    I've somehow ended up taking over as DM for this game... hopefully only shortly.


    Played on RPOL - started Feb 2011. Pathfinder game, running through the old H1-H4 series of modules.. Link to RPOL game.

    3. Games I run  

    The Northern Journey Campaign
    Actually, this represents two games I run - as I am running the same campaign twice - once via PBeM, and once as a table top game with some of my old collage gaming buddies... The latter has been on pause recently as I have started to run a new 3.5 edition game with them. Both of the Northern Journey games are currently running on 2nd edition. Follow the link to a dedicated site I run with a LOT of background information that players of the Northern Journey Campaign might want to know or that anyone might want to read about the Forgotten Realms.. Please feel free to browse through the site, I am constantly updating this with extra information. I will try to highlight any information that is specific to the players of my face-to-face campaign and potentially "plot revealing" to other players of other NJ campaigns who might browse here, so that they can avoid it.
    NOTE 1:
    Players of my Northern Journey PBeM game will find additional information specific to their version of the campaign on my YahooGroups NorthernJourneyPBeM site. Access to this is limited to the players in my PBeM or Lurkers. It is recommended that if you are a player in another Northern Journey game that you don't go there!

    NOTE 2:
    Other DMs of the Northern Journey PBeM game may find my YahooGroups NJDiscussion site useful - NOT for NJ players!

    Siege of Darkness
    This is my new Epic game...Started Christmas 2010!


    The Night Hawk
    This is the on-going story of a one-on-one PBeM I am playing with my good friend Richard "Jonah" Jones. Essentially, he plays a half-drow, who grew up in the Drow city of Hauldrauth, escaping to the surface and establishing himself in Neverwinter... This is written more like a novel than a normal PBeM - my documenting the results of the gaming sessions as best I can after the fact. It is also rather slow going and itermittant... very much like the gaming sessions!

    This is a one-on-one game I started to play with Volcan Erincmen, someone I met through work... He and I started to play it as a PBeM, but that proved not to work too well, as I was overcommitted already on various PBeMs... When we have occasionally met up (he lives and works in Istanbul!), we have usually tried to get in a few hours of gaming and have played most of the module in that way.

    4. Games I USED to play  

    Life in the Bluff
    This game is run by Andy (aka Agamenmon) on the ROLEPLAY on-line site. It is a game starting at 5th level, based in the city of Raven's Bluff. I'm playing a low level version of Sondirra (the character I developed for the high level Tomb of Bloodstone game that died prematurely).

    This game was run by Dan Fite - who still plays as Cleo in my Northern Journey PBeM game. I originally joined as a lurker, then temporarily took over an NPC named Jackson "Warlord" Williams - a US Marine from the 2020 era. This was the game intro: "Welcome to GateWorld. Leave behind all you thought you knew of reality, and enter a place where time and space have come together… You open your eyes to behold a world turned upside down. Your friends and loved ones are no where to be found, and all around you is a crazy mix of men and women from every imaginable time period and continent of Earth. Even worse, they are all in chains… and so are you! Belatedly, you realize that you are chained to the wall of some dark, damp dungeon! NOW you are really worried…" - Sadly, this game died the death of the DM being over-worked, under paid and suffering problems in his personal life...

    Tomb of Bloodstone
    This game was started as a high-level game to run through the old classic module, H4-Tomb of Bloodstone. Sadly, the DM, namely Malcolm Green (who had been playing a character in my Northern Journey PBeM campaign), dropped out just after everyone had introduced their characters and started the game. Another DM (Leslie) was found, who continued the game for a short while, then gave up because it was too much trouble... Otherwise it was a good game...

    When Worlds Colide (Mk I)
    This was the first incarnation of a game run by Steven Bailey - who also plays a character (Yvandel) in my Northern Journey Campaign. I used to play Deethan and Keld (a pair of characters boosted from my Night Hawk game above. Sadly, his style of play - with gritty realism and too many house rules combined with too much defeat caused almost all of his players to abandon the game and it fell apart.


    When Worlds Collide (Mk II)
    This was the second incarnation of Steve's game with new players apart from me. I played a new character, a Goliath named Elgath, and it stared at a lower level. Sadly, he gave it up after a disagreement with the players over the rules IIRC. (Both incarnations were played on Yahoo Groups)


    Hellstone Deep
    This game was run by Martin - who used to play in the Shadow of the Old Empire's game above. This game was essentially a straightforward module, and was a high powered game, with the party members all starting at 20th level. It was also played on the ROLEPLAY on-line forum. My pages here contain a game history and a few other miscellaneous bits of information relative to my character Sondirra - a halfling rogue. Sadly, this game also died - barely before the 1st scene had been played out.

    Epic Hunt for Abominations
    This game was run by Steph (aka Schaffer1979) on the ROLEPLAY on-line site. It is a game starting at 20th level, based in the city of Union. I'm playing a halfling rogue named Sondirra. It was going well till sadly the DM burnt out and had to drop the game... :-(


    Shadow of the Old Empires
    This game is run by Darren - who also plays in the Shackled City game above. This game was set in the Old Empires. It was played on a forum as well (ROLEPLAY on-line), though a different one to the one that Marc's game runs on. My pages here containg a game history and a few other miscellaneous bits of information relative to my character Aukan - a goliath fighter... Sadly, the game has died the death of a demotivated DM...

    Evil on the Rise
    Another game set at epic level. Again, I am attempting to play Sondirra - but this time a darker 'evil' Sondirra, for this is a game designed for evil character. Time will tell how the game pans out... If it looks like it will last, I'll do a page for it.


    This page is for a game which I've been playing in (and DMing for a year or so as well) since the year 2000. I play Hathar, a grumpy old dwarf who is a "Flint" look-alike. Initially, the game was run by Mike Mehrwin, then by Steve Weigold, then by myself, and currently, by Debora Bergeron. I'm pretty sure I'm the only player who is left from the original starting point! (Played on Yahoo Groups)

  3. Poetry
    - A collection of poems written by myself (with a few by others too)
  4. Fiction
    - A collection of stories - written by myself and others... mostly still in progress...

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